NHS24 Core Call Service Consultation


Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment

of the NHS 24 Core Call Service

Draft for consultation – 10 August 2010

Guidance on responding to this consultation paper

We are inviting comments on our draft findings from an Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment of our Core Call Service and ask that you let us have these by Wednesday 20th October 2010. We recommend that, if possible, you use this guidance to construct any response you decide to make. Please also complete and return with your response the respondee information form contained within this guidance.

This publication can be made available in different languages, larger print, audio tape, CD or Braille. To make a request, please contact us by telephone on 0800 22 44 88.


NHS 24 – draft findings of an Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment – on the Core Call Service – for consultation


Consulting on the draft findings of our Equality & Diversity Impact Assessments provides an opportunity for Scotland’s voluntary sector, the wider public, our own workforce and our NHS partners, to inform and influence the final shape of all functions, policies and practices. This will help ensure a constant evolution in identifying and removing any adverse impact from all that we do as well as improving what we already do well. This will ensure that how we design and deliver our services is demonstrably and measurably equally accessible to all of Scotland’s diverse communities of people. It will also ensure that how we recruit and employ people provides us with a workforce reflecting that diversity and able to access equality of opportunity in career development with us.

We welcome comment on how effective this draft Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment is in identifying and removing any adverse impact from the service or in its promoting equality of opportunity. Most aspects of the draft are open to amendment or change, provided always that the case made for any suggested amendments includes either evidence of any as yet unidentified potential adverse impacts, or that proposals for further changes to the service will clearly strengthen the its contribution to delivering equality of opportunity.

To assist our efficient handling of all responses to this consultation, we have identified a number of areas within the Impact Assessment on which we would particularly welcome your comments. Taking the form of a series of questions or prompts, these are to be found at the end of this guidance. Answering the questions will help us ensure that we accurately assess, analyse and compare all the comments we receive, and that our feedback to you is clearly focused on what you tell us. Where specific changes are suggested in your response, it would assist the analysis process if these are clearly cross-referenced to the relevant section[s] of the draft.

Completed responses should be sent to:

Wladyslaw Mejka

Equality & Diversity Manager

NHS 24

Caledonia House

Cardonald Park

Glasgow G51 4ED e-mail – Wlad.Mejka@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk

If you have any queries or any comments on any aspect of the consultation process, please contact Davie Morrison at the address above or telephone 0141 337 4532.

Access to consultation responses

We will make all responses available on request to the public at NHS 24 headquarters in Caledonia House, Glasgow, by 6th December 2010, unless confidentiality is requested. All respondents should be aware that NHS 24 is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and would therefore have to consider any request made to it under the Act for information relating to responses made to this consultation exercise.

Consultation Feedback

All the responses we receive will be acknowledged and responded to. At the end of the consultation period, all comments will be analysed and considered. The NHS 24 Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment Team will agree changes, or not as the case may be, to the draft Impact Assessment prior to it being formally adopted and plans put in place to implement the findings, including monitoring and review arrangements. A summary report of our analysis and conclusions to the consultation process, along with the completed Impact Assessment, will be made available to those who submitted comments, posted on our website: www.nhs24.com, and will be available on request.



Please complete the details below and attach it to your response when sending it to us. This will help ensure we handle your response appropriately:

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2b. Where confidentiality is not requested, we will make your response available to the public on the following basis (please tick one of the following boxes)

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Your name and address as respondees will be made available to the public. Are you content for your response to be made available also?

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In analysing your response, it would help us to know what your background is. Please indicate, using the tick box options below, the sector to which you belong and your designation within that sector. Please add any further points of clarification you wish to make.

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YOUR VIEWS on the NHS 24 draft Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment of the Core Call Service

Please answer as many of the following questions as you can and do use the space allocated for ‘Comment’ at each question to offer views on all aspects of our draft Impact Assessment, even where you answer ‘Yes’ to the questions. The second last question on page 8 offers the opportunity to comment on any aspect of our draft Impact Assessment beyond those areas on which we have asked specific questions.

Specific questions and prompts

Q 1. Does the structure and layout of our draft Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment of the Core Call Service lend itself to being easy to access and understand?

Yes 0 No 0

Q 2. In section 1, is our analysis of the policy’s aims, purpose, effect, outcomes and risks clear?

Yes 0 No 0

Q 3. Are there any gaps in our findings in section 2 on evidence and data, available and needed, about the impact of the policy?

Yes 0 No 0

Q 4. We have set out our findings on the impact – beneficial and adverse – of the policy in section 3. In the context of the other information available, are our conclusions broadly accurate?

Yes 0 No 0

Q 5. In section 4, we set out any changes we believe are required to the policy to remove any adverse impact, meet our legal duties, and promote equality of opportunity. Are these sufficient or do we need to make more changes?

Yes 0 No 0

Q 6. Are there other changes we need to make to our draft Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment to remove any adverse impact, promote equality, or otherwise better meet our general and specific duties on equality and which are not covered in your answers to the previous questions?

Yes 0 No 0

Q 7. Finally, are there other ways we can obtain your views on our draft Equality & Diversity Impact Assessments and which makes it easier for you to help us improve our Impact Assessments?

Yes 0 No 0

Many thanks for taking the time to provide us with your thoughts and comments on the NHS 24 draft Equality & Diversity Impact Assessment of our Core Call Service. Please remember to let us have these by Wednesday 20th October 2010 and return them to:

Wladyslaw Mejka

Equality & Diversity Manager

NHS 24

Caledonia House

Cardonald Park

Glasgow G51 4ED e-mail – Wlad.Mejka@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk



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