Relationships – Information For Young People

You may want to show someone how much you feel for them by having sexual intercourse.  Or you might have religious or moral beliefs about why you don’t want to enter into a sexual relationship with someone.  What is important is that you must make up your own mind about what you feel and what you do and what the implications of having a sexual relationship are.

Most young people say they regret having sex at a young age because they did not feel good about themselves, and say that they wished they had waited until they were sure of what they were feeling.

Developing a good relationship means being able to share your feelings, worries, thoughts and fears with someone you trust.  Most young people find relationships developed this way are rewarding and makes them feel good about themselves.

When you decide the time is right for YOU to have sexual intercourse, you need to consider contraceptive protection such as a condom or the pill to reduce your chances of becoming pregnant.  Using a Condom will also reduce your risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease, including HIV.

The point to remember is that when you and only you have decided to enter into a sexual relationship it should not be because you feel pressured by your peers or because your partner tells you they love you.  If you have any doubts, worries or fears or simply feel that the time is not right for you then say NO.  It is important to be honest with yourself and your partner about how you are feeling, so never feel pressurised into entering into a sexual relationship.

When you do decide the time is right for you to enter into a sexual relationship, be safe, respect yourself by practicing safe sex and always use a condom to reduce the risk of becoming pregnant or catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Remember you can say NO, it’s your decision.