Carers Needs Assessment

What is a carer assessment?

It is a way of applying for services to help you as a carer continue to care for someone.  The assessment itself is usually carried out in your own home by a qualified social worker.

What kind of help might I get?

There are a number of social work, housing and health services that you might be able to access the help you need to make things easier not only for you but for the person you are looking after.  For example:

  • Help with household tasks
  • Help with personal care
  • Housing issues
  • Respite, to give you a break from caring
  • Equipment aids, such as handrails, hoists or bath seats
  • Community nursing
  • Access to day centre care
  • Benefits advice
  • Access to carer support groups

There are a whole range of services that could help you.  Even if you do not think you need help now, but think you might need help in the future you could apply for a carer assessment so that there is a record on file but also allows you the opportunity, while you are coping to get as much information as possible on the potential services you may be able to access later on.

I already receive help?

Even if you are receiving some help, it is still worth asking for a carer assessment, as your situation and needs may have changed.

Do I have to pay for any services I receive?

Sadly, yes some services may have cost implications.

You will at the assessment be told of any service that you may need to pay.  This does not mean that you need to accept a service offered and be obliged to pay for it, you do not need to accept any of the services offered.

 Contact your local authority headquarters who should be able to provide you with contact details of your local social work office, or look under listing ‘social work’ in the telephone directory.